February 6, 2021

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If you're a hospitalist practice, you don't have office hours and likely work varying shifts because the hospital is your office. As your field differs from other spheres of medical practice and is often more complex, it's difficult to avoid costly billing mistakes, and not just any billing company will work for you.

That's why it's important to work with a hospitalist billing expert or experts that are well-versed in your field's ins and outs and understand proper billing practices. Outsourcing your billing services to the right hospitalist billing company and billing staff can make a world of difference in your hospitalist's revenue cycle and allow your team to focus their efforts on providing the best possible service and care for your patients.

The Difficulties of Billing and Coding for Hospitalists

As a hospitalist, you must be well-versed in documentation, codes, and more. When determining the appropriate level of service for a patient's hospital visit, physicians must document history, the patient's physical examination, and any medical decision-making. From there, they must be familiar with Medicare reimbursement rules within their state, learn the correct coding, and meticulously document all details of their patient's case, their diagnosis, and more.

Having to understand and juggle these responsibilities and information can be taxing and make hospitalists prone to error. That's why many hospitalist groups benefit from outsourcing their medical billing and coding. Outsourcing allows medical practices to easily check patient insurance and eligibility, reduce costly coding and billing mistakes, protect patient data, and ensure compliance with regulations.

The Importance of Hospitalist Medical Billing Expertise

When you opt to outsource your billing and coding to a medical billing company that doesn't specialize in hospitalist billing, you'll likely find that they lack the familiarity with hospitalist procedures needed to handle your practice's medical billing efficiently. Without this specialization, they don't have the expertise and services needed to effectively respond to insurance companies' questions, manage tricky patient billing issues, and appeal denied claims.

Beyond insurance billing, patient billing is more complex for hospitalists than for other medical practices. Hospitalist patients often have higher balances, don't always understand the invoices they receive from hospitalists, and may have more convoluted explanations from their payers. Billing companies with expertise in hospitalist billing know how to help patients with these issues, as they've worked with them to provide information and billing services on these very issues many times before.

Capital Billing Services is a full-service management billing company committed to providing cost-effective and streamlined medical billing processes for hospitalist clients like you to ensure you get the payment you deserve promptly. Unlike other billing companies, we don't outsource our work to billers in an unmonitored working environment.

hospitalist billing expert capital billing services

We also understand and have the software and skills to successfully track and pursue underpayments, which is essential to any hospitalist practice. Without billing experts to help track underpayments, a hospitalist may risk a decrease in their collections and ultimately, revenue.

We place a strong emphasis on the security, integrity, and protection of patient information for your hospitalist medical billing services and provide you with the latest reimbursement strategies and information to ensure you get reimbursed fast.

We offer hospitalist billing services for our hospitalist clients that include:

  • Medical claims billing to insurance companies
  • Patient billing for outstanding balances
  • Credentialing
  • Financial reporting systems to help you track your practice's productivity and activity
  • Practice management solutions
  • Template and document development and implementation
  • Billing and coding guidance and solutions
  • Insurance contracts and negotiations evaluation
  • Accounts receivable management
  • Data entry, creation, and maintenance
  • Data backup

  • Benefits of Working with Medical Billing Services Tailored to Hospitalists

    Outsourcing your coding and billing needs to a third-party service can provide you with help along every step of your hospitalist group's revenue cycle, including:

  • Insurance credentialing and enrollment
  • Coding
  • Charge entry
  • Submitting claims
  • Posting payment
  • Accounts receivable
  • Claims appeals
  • Patient statements
  • Patient collections
  • Patient questions
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Beyond avoiding the risks that come from working with medical billing management services that don't specialize in hospitalist medical billing, there are several benefits a hospitalist group will enjoy by working with medical billing companies with a hospitalist specialty.

    You can benefit from multiple supervisors monitoring your accounts to ensure proper checks and balances and enhance consistency and accuracy. This guarantees that every hospital charge is submitted to insurance companies, each claim receives the appropriate follow-up, and an overall reduction in costly errors. At Capital Billing Services, we offer:

  • Billing staff that is efficient, knowledgeable, responsive, and always available to answer complicated billing questions;
  • Access to credentialing and recredentialing services;
  • Expert coding assistance for physicians and staff dealing with code issues;
  • Comprehensive HIPPA compliance to ensure Protected Health Information's integrity within administrative, physical security, and technical security; and
  • Transparent, customized reporting and detailed data analytics to help improve procedures and do away with inefficient financial and payment practices.
  • Additionally, billing companies with a hospitalist specialty are well-trained in relevant software and electronic health records platforms. If you already use a certain system or have one you prefer, most experienced hospitalist billing services can integrate with the system you already have in place.

    If your practice would like to make a change, however, medical billing experts like Capital Billing Services can make software platform recommendations that fit the specific documentation, billing and coding, and client needs of your hospital. Or, if you prefer to use mail or email, they can work with you to ensure secure billing management services.

    medical billing services tailored hospitalists capital billing services

    The Takeaway

    If you're a hospitalist group that wants to outsource your billing and coding practices, taking advantage of hospitalist medical billing services can help provide solutions for every stage of your group's revenue cycle.

    Whether your physician or support staff need coding or documentation assistance on the job or your patients have questions about their medical bills, subcontracting with a hospitalist medical billing service can help your practice avoid costly mistakes that result in a harmful decrease in your payment collections. Our hospitalist medical billing service will also improve your customer service and cash flow with faster claims processing.

    For a consultation and to learn more about how Capital Billing Services can provide you with the medical billing assistance and expertise you need, call (678) 272-4908 or email info@capitalbillingservices.com today.