Provider enrollment and Credentialing is a long and complicated process where a Provider’s experience and qualifications are reviewed for the purpose of enrolling them with Government and commercial payors. As an extension of our Practice Management services, CBS provides a wide range of credentialing services.

We offer the following services:

  1. Individual and Group NPI application.
  2. CAQH enrollment and Maintenance.
  3. Medicare enrollment for Individual NPI’s and Group NPI.
  4. Re-validation and maintenance of provider data in PECOS.
  5. Individual and Group Medicaid enrollment.
  6. Individual NPI credentialing for commercial payors.
  7. Group NPI and Group contract negotiation for commercial payors.
  8. Workers Compensation contracts and fee negotiation.
  9. University and College Health center credentialing.

We customize our quotes based on various factors so please contact us at 877-614-5227 for a customized quotes. Our clients have included;

  • 6 Colleges
  • Multiple providers offices and groups
  • Over 20 Medicare and Pecos engagements
  • Multiple Workers Compensation and Occupational Medicine contracts.

We look forward to assisting and helping with your credentialing needs.